D265 Curing Station

UniFormation Curing Station is designed to offer users a curing unit with a volume of 260mm(D)*160mm(H)/10.2in(D)*6.3in(H). There are 16 UV lights, and 4 LED strips are distributed on all sides, which work together with an automatic rotating turntable. This allows for fast post-curing of models in large batches at 30min intervals, making it a perfect choice for professional resin 3D printing.


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  • Product Size: L300*W300*H250mm
  • Package Size: 400*400*350mm
  • Package Weight: 9kg
  • Digital Timer: the default option is 10 minutes 
  • Wave length: 400-405nm
  • UV Lights: 4 strips, 16 lights
  • Voltage: Input 110/220 Output24V
  • Frequency: 50/60HZ
  • Power: 60W