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1 X XL Size 210 X 297 X 0.127mm
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This genuine PFA (perfluoroalkoxy) film is designed as the release layer for MSLA/DLP 3D printer resin vats.
Enhanced tensile strength
Excellent thermal stability
Ten times flex life of FEP
Greater chemical inertness
High transparency
Lower surface resistance
Reduced suction force
(1) Prepare a non-scratch surface, such as a lint-free cloth to prevent the film from being damaged.
(2) Remove PFA Film from the pack.
(3) Carefully peel away protective sheets from both sides of the film.
(4) Install the PFA film into printer VAT as per the manufactures instructions.
(5) Ensure the film is tight when finished (light tapping should make a drum-like sound).
(6)  Wipe clean to remove fingerprints using a lint-free cloth. For complete directions, please visit our website:

Phrozen’s nFEP films are specially designed to last, allowing users to reprint high-quality 3D models multiple times without having to worry about film changes.

After printing a model, simply clean the film and you are ready for the next printing project!
Contents: 1 piece of Phrozen nFEP film
PFA Film (perfluoroalkoxy) is a sister polymer to FEP and has some enhanced properties, and it exhibits all the properties of FEP with the addition of the following:
– Extraordinary mechanical strength significantly above FEP.
– Resists heat up to 250 Deg C in continuous operations.
– More than ten times the Flex Life of FEP.
– High Purity granules available for semi-conductor environments


PFA has a unique combination of properties which makes the material suitable for a variety of different and unique applications, these are the main properties:
  • Excellent thermal stability: 
An elivated temperature resistance up to 250 C
  • Chemical Inertness:
Resists almost all chemicals, such as strong acid, strong alkali, salt, and organic solvent.
  • Anti-stick property: 
The lowest surface energy of all plastic films; displays excellent mold release and anti-stick properties.
  • Electrical reliability: 
High electrical insulation characterized by low-dialectic constant and dissipation factor and by high dialectic strength over a wide range of temperature and frequency.
  • Resistance to weathering: 
Inert to outdoor exposure; with unchanged mechanical and physical properties after 10 years.
  • Non-flammability: 
Will not burn in air or gas having an oxygen concentration of less than 95%.
  • High transparency: 
Transparent, with excellent transmission of ultraviolet rays and visible rays
Taking advantage of the elevated temperature resistance, stiffer mechanical properties and low coefficient of friction compared to FEP, these are reasons PFA is used in the 3D printer industry as a release film.
Nowadays PFA film and sheets are often used in 3D printing due to these improved properties. We have thicknesses of 50 – 100 – 125 and 150 micron on stock. All in pre-cut sheets or full width:
Teflon™ PFA film is a transparent, thermoplastic film that can be heat sealed, thermoformed, vacuum formed, heat bonded, welded, metallized, laminated (combined with dozens of other materials), and used as an excellent hot-melt adhesive.
This wide variety of fabrication possibilities combines with important properties [.pdf] to offer a unique balance of capabilities not available in any other plastic film.
New Permeation Resistant Grade Teflon™ PFA HP Plus Fluoropolymer Resin
Chemours Fluoroproducts announced the introduction of a new grade of permeation resistant Teflon™ PFA HP Plus. The new resin, Teflon™ PFA 951HP Plus, is designed for molding and extrusion for fluid handling components and tubing.
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