3D Pro Deep Black Resin

A dense black 3D Printing resin using our 100% urethane base. A heavily pigmented resin that is a solid black at 2mm without compromising the print details.


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PRO Deep Black Resin is ideal for that intense, deep black look for your 3D-printed models and parts. It is further enhanced by a smooth matte finish once post-cured. With PRO DEEP BLACK, achieving an opaque look with ultra-thin 2-3mm walls is easy. Our development team have formulated this resin using our advanced in-house urethane base for increased durability and longevity. The chemists have discovered the perfect combination of specialised photo-initiators to ensure it can print without issue — finally, a black resin, which looks like Black ABS plastic.



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Weight 2 kg
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1L, 5L, 12x1L, 4x5L