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We’re excited to introduce you to TENSILE™ Industrial 3D printer resin. Engineered for superior strength and flexibility, this innovative resin has been designed to meet the demands of professionals. Ideal for a wide range of applications, TENSILE™ offers unmatched resilience, ensuring your prints last longer and withstand greater stress. 

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  • TENSILE™ Resin 1L (Grey)

  • Eat, Sleep, 3D Print T-Shirt

  • M3D Cap

  • A3 Tabletop Banner

  • Sticker

  • Resin Tool Set (Printable)

  • Bottle Display Stand (Printable)

  • TimTams (Famous Aussie Treats)

Prototyping | Components | Automotive | Aerospace and Aviation | Medical Devices | Robotics | Construction | Military and Defense


Monocure 3D TENSILE™ resin is a unique blend of advanced urethanes & Epoxies. It was specifically developed to produce a 3D-printed model with high tensile strength and long-life durability. These properties provide the right balance of fine detail, strength, flexibility and a hard surface finish.

We recommend using TENSILE™ resin if you intend to 3D print models that you want to remain rigid and hard yet withstand stress and strain without being brittle. Once post-cured, it can be machined, painted or polished for further finishing.

TENSILE™ has a low-odour formula for confined spaces such as home offices, garages and family living spaces.

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